Q1: Part of my drive has flagstones, can you overlay on them?

Q2: My printed concrete is slippery, will an overlay system cure this; my drive is sloped?

Q3: Can you add a Proline Eco Drive on top of tarmac?

Q4: I have two manhole covers, what do you do about them?

Q5: How do I clean a Proline Eco Drive?

Q6: Is this the same stuff my wife and I saw on the Iron Bridge?

Q7: Can you put this on top of block paving?

Q8: About 80% of our concrete drive is OK, but the remaining 20% is badly cracked and unstable (it wobbles when you walk on it).

Q9: Do you require a deposit?

Q10: When can I drive over a Proline Eco Drive?

Q11: Can I reseal myself, and how much does the sealer cost?



Driveway example



Answer 1: If they are set in concrete and are stable, this is no problem. If they are unstable, we simply remove them and add a concrete pad.


Answer 2: We can add a quartz mix to the system to create a virtually non slip surface.


Answer 3: As long as the existing surface is sound and has a sufficiently solid sub base, yes.


Answer 4: We fit a recessed inspection chamber prior to laying a ProLine Eco Drive, there is no extra charge for this.


Answer 5: With a mild detergent, see our after care section for further details.


Answer 6: Yes, it is..


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Driveway example


Answer 7: I’m afraid not, as block paving does sink, we cannot guarantee against cracking. Try a local block paving refurbisher or go to an installer on the Marshall’s approved list for advice.


Answer 8: In this case, we would cut out the worst affected area and replace it with a new pad.


Answer 9: Our payment terms are 20% deposit with the order. The balance is due upon completion.


Answer 10: Usually 5 days after installation.


Answer 11: Yes you can and it is approx £4 PER M², or we will supply and reseal for only £5 PER M².

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SAVE UP TO 25% as a show home (ask for details)

Driveway example

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10mm fl3

2-5mm autumn gold gravel in buff resin

2-5mm bronze pea gravel in buff resin

2-5mm corn flint in natural resin

3-6mm trent pea in natural resin

3mm silver quartz

6mm all gold

6mm conker 3

6mm corn 2

6mm dove 5

6mm dp2

6mm fl2

6mm gqdq