Resin bound Surfacing

Resin bound is a natural stone resin bound surface that can be laid over tarmac or concrete. It does not involve any long convoluted digging out of foundations and the majority of jobs undertaken are completed in just one day. The finished surface is a beautiful resin set gravel which removes the annoyance of loose chipings and stones. It is easy underfoot and is ideal for wheelchairs, pushchairs, prams, kiddies trikes and bicycles as there is no loose surfacing to worry about so the wheels do not bed in and become stuck.

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Enhanced durability and long lasting

Attractive appearance

Low maintenance and easy to maintain with minimum effort

Quick installation

Available in a range of different finishes


No disruption or mess

No excavation or disruption to pipes, drains or manholes

Hard wearing, slip resistant, wheelchair friendly surface

No planning permission required


Wide range of natural colours available to complement existing colour schemes

Full written guarantee

No effect on existing damp proof courses

Durable, hard wearing and resilient

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Regular cleaning

As with any surfacing material Proline-Eco Drives Resin Bound Surficing System should be cleaned regularly and as frequently as necessary to maintain its appearance. Cleaning will also aid identification of any areas that require repair. Sweep with a broom to remove leaves, paper etc. Use water as necessary to wash the surface.

Removing of moss and algae

Remove any moss or algae on the surface with a proprierty moss removal solution or diluted household bleach can be used to kill moss withiin the surface. If using bleach, take care to avoid prolonged contact with aggregates, such as limestone, to avoid discolouring. Wash Thoroughly with plenty of clean water afterwards, and abide with local regulations with regard to use of chemicals.


Chewing gum removal

Chewing gum can be removed by scraping, chipping or using proprietary local “spot” removal solutions, or by larger scale commercial cleaning. Take care not to dislodge aggregate.

Removing cement stains

Cement stains can be removed using hydrochloric acid (follow health and safety guidance), Test first to ensure no surface damage or discolouration will occur.

Using the surface

Proline-Eco Drives Resin Bound Surficing System is designed to be used by foot/pedestrian traffic and by light domestic vehicle traffic. Protect the surface from high impact loading. For example, scaffolding, skips, pneumatic supports on skip lorries, and avoid dragging heavy loads across the surface. Protect the surface from other materials which may stain, soften or damage the surface such as, engine fluida, petrol, oil, diesel, paints, chewing gum and cement.


Localised repairs

Proline-Eco Drives Resin Bound Surficing System can be repaired using the same combination of resin combination of resin and aggregate as used during installation. Repairs should be carried out out immediately as they as they are required to avoid further damage and degredation.


Damage caused by forceful impact, improper use, inappropriate traffic, mechanical damage. Reflective cracking from the base (eg. concrete, tarmac). Damage caused by movement created by growth of tree roots, wheel tracking, failing of substrate, spillage, heave. Failure to install it on a suitable substrate such as, structural concrete or wearing course tarmac or other approved suitable substrate. Use for any purpose or by traffic other than described for the product.


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10mm fl3
2-5mm autumn gold gravel in buff resin
2-5mm bronze pea gravel in buff resin
2-5mm corn flint in natural resin
3-6mm trent pea in natural resin
3mm silver quartz
6mm all gold
6mm conker 3
6mm corn 2
6mm dove 5
6mm dp2
6mm fl2

6mm gqdq