About ProLine-Eco Drives.co.uk

We are a business specialising in the installation of resin bound driveways, paths and patios. A team of consummate professionals,
we pride ourselves on a quality product at a fair price.

We believe in looking after our environment and are taking steps to lower our carbon footprint.All our resin drives, paths and patios
are made up of natural stone and 100% organic resin which looks fantastic,yet is as strong and durable as concrete without the heavy cost to the planet.


What is Resin Bonded?

Resin Bonded aggregate uses either an epoxy or polyurethane resin to bind an aggregate to a hard surface.


How is it used?

Resin Bond System can be used to give an extremely durable aggregate coating to Paths, Drives, Car Parks and even Roads in macadam, asphalt, and concrete.

Resin Bond can also be used to coat wood or metal for attractive non-slip finishes to Stairs, Decking and Footbridges and Disabled Access Ramps and is suitable for commercial and domestic installation.

Aggregate Choice

Resin Bond Systems can be used with most natural aggregates. We supply a range of resin colours appropriate for the different colours of aggregates.

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Using Resin Bonded Aggregates in Landscaping Projects

We supply and install a Clear UV Stable Polyurethane Resin to bind a 6-10mm aggregate that is trowelled into place typically at 50mm depth to provide an attractive very permeable surround to tree pits in Parks, Gardens and Car Parks. Unlike traditional cast iron tree pits it does not attract litter and doesn’t have loose aggregate to attract vandals.

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Aggregate Types

We can supply and lay a wide variety of resin bonded aggregates .

The list below are suitable for a number of applications including:

Gravel Driveways

Stoned Foot Paths

Gravel Tree Pits

Commercial and Domestic Landscaping & Garden Design


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Factors Affecting Choice

The main factors affecting your choice of aggregate are colour, hardness and texture. Pathways can use all but the softest aggregates; drives will require pea gravels, granites or basalts which are more durable. Steep drives will require an angular aggregate to ensure good grip whilst a drive likely to have children playing around it may require a rounded pea gravel.


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10mm fl3
2-5mm autumn gold gravel in buff resin
2-5mm bronze pea gravel in buff resin
2-5mm corn flint in natural resin
3-6mm trent pea in natural resin
3mm silver quartz
6mm all gold
6mm conker 3
6mm corn 2
6mm dove 5
6mm dp2
6mm fl2

6mm gqdq